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Furniture Studentrooms

Keep calm and study hard, we take care of everything else!
We know that studying is already expensive enough, and you can spend your money much better than buying expensive furniture. That’s why Smart Wonen offers a complete student basic survival pack.

Smart Wonen offers studentrooms that are completely furnished, to students that are already busy enough with studying hard… and of course other things…

Our basic survival pack consist of all the basic furniture you need to prevent yourself from sleepless nights during your exams, and offers all the furniture you need to install yourself for a long day of studying.

What do you need as a student to survive your studies?

  • Bed with a matrass
  • Desk and chair
  • Closet

Of course you can always upgrade the basic pack, and get all the stuff you need in your studentroom.

Please ask your real estate agent for more information about furniture!